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Research Consulting Services

The Research Partnership’s typical consulting project begins by meeting with the client to develop a description of the objectives to be addressed in the research.  Once the objectives have been clearly defined, The Research Partnership custom tailors the research process needed to provide insight regarding solutions.  The steps in this process usually include the following, each of which is conducted with the full involvement of the client:

  • The development of an appropriate methodology to yield the information necessary to reach the objectives at hand. Among the methodologies offered by The Research Partnership, Inc. are: online and in person focus groups; internet, mail and telephonic surveys, executive one-on-one interviews, consumer dyads and triads, conjoint analysis, and mystery shopping.
  • The execution of the methodology, including collection of the requisite data.
  • The analysis of the data collected to yield the information necessary to reach all objectives.
  • The presentation of this information in a managerially useful format, including a detailed exposition of the results, a managerial summary, and a set of recommendations based on the interpretation of the information.

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